The summer is winding to a slow close and it sure is a bummer. Being able to go outside immediately after work was relieving, not to mention good for the soul. The sunny, warm days are hard to go without, but I guess there are alternatives for my pickup basketball addiction — like getting a gym membership. Luckily, I am prepared for this winter season. My gym membership has not been canceled yet.

Finding the best court to play at may be the most difficult part. A court outdoors that isn't too run down and has no more than fifteen people. Becuase lets face it, waiting more than a game to play is the worst. If you have never experienced the pain, just accept that you have been fortunate.

But I digress and let's get to the topic at hand. Basketball gear boosts the confidence of the player, and if you don't have comfortable athletic gear you may be one of those players consistently on the sideline. One of the most common clothing items I see most out on the court is the Nike Elite Socks. Let's face it, nowadays everyone wants something different, something better. And that is why I am going to introduce to you the Mack Weldon Athletic Sock.


Mack Weldon is a fairly new brand but I have been more than thrilled with some of the products I have acquired from their store (the polos are worth it). The gear they provide makes it seem like they have been in the clothing business for decades, and I look forward to them continuing production and creation of some top-notch goods.

The Mack Weldon Athletic Sock addressed many of my concerns. The upper mesh of the socks allows breathability, and if you are like me you are going to need it (my feet sweat, and I mean a lot). The compression foot-bed give extra support and cushion just like its many competitors. And the feature that puts them over the edge is the material of the sock is created with 3% silver, to fight off odor for those with the sweaty feet syndrome.

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