Released on July 5th of this year was Trampled by Turtles eighth album or seventh studio album. The album was recorded in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, their home state, where albums by the renowned Nirvana were conceived. This band emits a bluegrass, folkish vibe and has stuck together for about 11 years. Instruments include your atypical (for popular bands) mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and harmonica to produce a unique sound. Their ever-growing popularity has introduced them twice to the stage at The Late Show with David Letterman – here is their appearance with the new album.

With their raw sound and unique assortment of instruments, they can be easily picked out of the crowd. If you are a fan of a refined, rootsy sound, this Wild Animals CD  belongs in your assemblage of music – even if you dont enjoy bluegrass, you should definitely give this album a listen through. They are not your usual bluegrass band and they give off  mixed feelings of rock and gospel music intertwined with an earthy feel. Trampled by Turtles Wild Album is a must listen. So come on, don’t be afraid to step out of your musical comfort zone.

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