My brother often gives me a hard time for being on my phone too much.  In all honesty, he may be right.  But I don’t want that to get to his head.  Without my phone, I don’t get too anxious. Some people are different, though. Smartphones are now the focal point for staying connected, whether that means being up-to-date on the news or arranging plans with friends.   Those suffering from nomophobia finally have their nicotine patch.

The light phone allows you to comfortably disconnect.  With the use of an app on your smartphone, you can forward all the important calls to your separate device, leaving you less anxious.  The light phone works independently from your current smartphone, using prepaid minutes.  This may work to your advantage, as you have to budget the amount of time you spend talking on the phone.  With the purchase of the light phone comes a charger, SIM card, and 500 minutes of talking time.  If you are using the phone correctly, the 500 prepaid minutes should last you awhile.

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