Tenkara Sawtooth Package

The Sawtooth package is the perfect introduction to tenkara fishing. A simple alternative method to traditional fly fishing, tenkara only requires a rod, string, and fly.

Tenkara Sawtooth Package

You're driving and chance upon a small stream with a few decent sized holes. Unfortunately, your rod is out of reach, most likely in the garage at home. If only you could roll a few into the seam and see what rises. Even if you just pull up some smalls, it would be worth a quick stop on the way to your destination.

The Tenkara Sawtooth package is the panacea you need. Whether it's for quick pit stops on small trout streams, or backpacking through high country, the Sawtooth's portability will mean you get to throw a few flies wherever you find water. Collapsing the nine segments yields a portable 20 inch package. When extended the rod extends to 12 feet (360 cm) perfect. The rod has a 5:5 action which makes it perfect for catching fish between 6-18 inches in size. Should you find yourself with a fish larger than 18 inches, the rod will manage but may pose a bit more of a challenge.

Fishing line and the line spool are included in the package. The line is non-tapered and tailored specifically to the Sawtooth. The spool makes it easier to manage your line, and quickly winding as you move along the stream. If you happen to drop it, it floats for easy retrieval.

Tenkara is a technique of fly fishing started in Japan over 200 years ago. It is primarily used as a method to fish (and hopefully catch) smaller trout from mountain streams. This method of fishing requires no more than a rod, line, and fly. The simplicity of the technique makes it more affordable and less intimidating for beginners, while still maintaining a certain joy for more experienced fishermen. Until 2009, most fishermen outside of Japan were unfamiliar with tenkara, which is when Tenkara USA was founded to spread the simple joy of the primitive Japanese technique to the US, and other countries.

Try a tenkara rod and experience the simple joy of fishing again.

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