Swash Express Clothing Care System

Swash Express Clothing Care System

Washing your clothes is probably the biggest chore of the week. We all hate doing this mundane task. You always procrastinate washing your clothes and end up making excuses to push it to the next day. Yes, we all hate it, but hopefully there is finally something to alleviate us of this task.

The Swash Express Clothing Care System was made for those that dread washing you clothes every so often. The Swash system provides the care for your clothing that you need to wear the next day without the hassle. It removes the wrinkles, neutralizes that foul odor, and doesn’t cause fading like the washer. It can be used for delicate cashmere sweaters or the rough denim jeans, or anything in between.  All you got to do it hang your clothes, wait ten minutes, and pull it out; after the cycle is complete it is looking new and ready to be worn for the day.

Cut down on those expensive dry cleaning costs and have your clothes looking fresh.

Stop using that old clothing care system – the washing machine – it is time to be hip.

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