A few months back, I found myself stranded in the Triglav National park, ways away from the marked path. Submerging myself in unsullied portions of nature was my main goal.  Until I realized, how would I get back? Disoriented, disheartened, and fatigued – my body collapsed to the moist soil beneath my feet.  The taste of dirt almost felt refreshing from the lack of nutrients I have sustained myself upon throughout the journey.  With every bit of effort I spared, I lifted my arm, remembering I had the watched that has guided me this whole way.  Relief showered over me as I realized the Sunnto watch can guide me back to civilization.

This adventure-ready watch is the necessary tool for all your escapades. An altimeter, a barometer compass, and update to date weather information all condensed into a wearable, outdoor watch. Its sleek design will not leave you dissatisfied.

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