Fill your pocket full of awesome. This Soto Pocket Torch turns your typically lighter into something extraordinary, a mini flamethrower. Well, not exactly a flamethrower but a blowtorch. Anyone who played with the cheap, disposable lighter before knows you can remove the metal cap, adjust the dial and you can send out a pretty sizable flame. With a little less experimentation – and also a little safer – you can purchase the Soto Pocket torch for camping or even around the house. Just purchase a low-cost lighter (standard rectangular lighter), add this little widget and you got yourself a wind-resistant blowtorch that produces a searing hot blue-colored flame (up to 2300 degree Fahrenheit). This little guy is perfect for lighting campfires, starting up stoves, or even simply lighting you mood candles. So plop your lighter in, secure the top, and stow away for later use. Don’t miss out on this unique attachment.

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