We all worry about someone breaking into our home.  Some of us even lock up like Fort Knox but still worry. Security cameras and other means to provide you a sense of comfore are expensive.  And they require a lot of hardware to back it up.  There is an easy option out there now, the Butterfleye Smart Security camera.

The Butterfleye Smart Security Camera is an extra eye on your home while you are not present.  It is as simple as connecting your smartphone to the device.  As compact as the device is, it still provides a set of ingenious features.  Image algorithm analytics, audio analytics – this smart security camera is working to selectively save what you can view, so you don’t have to go through hours of useless footage.  If you opt out of the subscription for the device, you still have the ability to store 24 hours of recorded video.  But if you choose to subscribe, you will be provided the capacity to save up to a month of action.  Don’t forget this smart security camera also provides the option to remotely view video in real-time via their smart phone app.  Check out their indiegogo below.

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