Sensel Morph

Calling the Sensel Morph just a keyboard or touchpad may be unappreciative. It is in a tier of its own as an input device. The Sensel Morph uniquely adapts to the user.

Sensel Morph

With progress in the virtual and augmented reality world, there is no shortage of ways to interact with your device. Most of VR or AR developments revolve around mobile devices and gaming consoles, but the company Sensel is taking a different direction. A keyboard and mouse are the most common input devices for computers and Sensel has a new take.

Calling the Sensel Morph just a keyboard may be unappreciative. It is in a tier of its own as an input device. Imagine combining the best of both computer input devices and adding more layers of interaction. The Kickstarter project was funded well above (more than 7 times) the project's goal. This device looks like an enlarged touchpad and provides some key features to improve human-computer control interface.

The Pressure Grid technology offers multi-touch interaction allow you to manipulate the screen with multiple fingers, like a capacitive touch device. The dynamic range of the force sensitivity brings a further appeal to artists. Unlike the touchscreen of your smartphone, a designer can take a fine-point pencil or a flat, sixty-millimeter paintbrush and the Morph shows all the subtleties of these instruments. Three Overlays come with the Morph keyboard to further evolve the input experience: a keyboard, a piano, and a production controller. An innovator kit is also provided to extend the usage of the device and promote inventions of new overlays.

The companies mission is to address the lack of user-expressive input devices. The morph enables artists and gamers alike to expand the bland color palette of computer interaction. Capture the full range of human touch with your device.

The Sensel Morph comes with a USB card for connectivity, but the Bluetooth transmitter enables wireless connectivity. For those eager to customize an overlay, the Sensi app comes with the purchase.

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