Back in college, I used to play in the stock market in my spare time. I made a little bit of extra cash, but nothing substantial. Looking over my gains after a few months, I was incredulous that my brokerage fees had been eating into my gains in the market. I looked for a better broker, but at that time Zecco (which is/was short for “zero commission”) had already been bought and added fees to their trading platform. With no other real options out there, I continued paying the seven or so dollars per trade, and widdled away at my gains. A few years later, now there is an alternative to paying these hefty trade commissions, Robinhood. The app is incredibly simple, you can make a trade or place an order after just a few taps and swipes. Once your order is filled, the stock is added to a simple watch list for you to keep track of your gainz [sic]. If you’ve ever thought about wetting your feet in the stock market, this app offers you a perfect opportunity. The app recently won a design award at Apple’s WWDC conference for it’s incredibly simple design. Even if you only plan to be a passive spectator of the markets, this app is worth a download.

Download the app now for iPhone (the Android version should be released soon).

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