PVRIS – White Noise

PVRIS – White Noise

In June 2014 PVRIS signed to Rise/Velocity Records.  With only one EP to their name, PVRIS seemed to be a pretty risky signing for the record label. On June 20, 2014 PVRIS released their music video for “St. Patrick” which happened to be the first single for PVRIS’ forthcoming album, White Noise.

In September PVRIS released their second single, “My House. After I heard their second single, I knew this band was destined for big things.

White Noise opens with “Smoke” and instantly you are hit with what PVRIS brings to the table. PVRIS lead singer, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, described their sound best as she states in this article, “It’s rock mixed with electronic/pop kind of stuff, so there are a lot of different vibes throughout the album. It’s really dynamic, and there’s something for everyone.”  All the electropop sensibilities are of course background to Gunnulfsen’s passionate vocals.  Gunnulfsen has some serious pipes, so rather it’s her edgy angelic vocals or guttural scream, White Noise truly contains major crossover appeal.

This is a confident debut album from a rising artist.  PVRIS creates some crazy catchy choruses that you’ll be singing to yourself all day. Give it a spin, this is one bandwagon you want to be a part of.

If you are not convinced check out PVRIS’ Empty Room Sessions.