Biolite Smokeless Firepit

Biolite's smokeless firepit comes with a portable battery for phones, a grill grate for cooking, and a solar cover to charge on the go.

Biolite Smokeless Firepit

Recently, in the backyard of my buddy's house, we decided it was a pleasant enough night to start a fire. I'll admit it took about a little to get it going, but I'm no boy scout. Once the fire was high enough, the s'mores came out and we roasted marshmallows. In the meantime, while trying to cook the marshmallows until they were crispy and golden-brown, I avoided the smoke — pretty sure the smoke clung to my coat all night. After the evening was over, I hopped into my car only to realize something came over me before I turned on the ignition. My smoke-drenched clothes began to fill the car.

Most can empathize with the smokey stench experience after sitting around a campfire. Luckily for us, Biolite Energy has a solution. This company first introduced stoves that packed a portable battery to charge your phone. Now, their newest product is a firepit which doesn't emit smoke and has a whole host of other features. The firepit comes with a grate which turns it into a portable grill perfect for cooking. Because it is smokeless, you won't have to worry about tear-filled eyes when flipping the kabobs. The smokeless firepit also comes with a portable battery the enables you to configure the smoke settings wirelessly via a mobile device. Without a device? No worries, the battery comes with manual buttons to act in the same fashion. The "x-ray mesh" panels on each side of pit act as a display for the fire to seem as if it is floating and it enables heat to radiate at every angle.

A kickstarter campaign by the company was created to ramp up production for this new item. As a bonus, there is a gift that comes with backing the product. Along with the smokeless firepit comes a solar cover, which is a fabric cover with a solar panel embedded. When the device is not in use or you are hauling it to the next site, you can replenish the battery to prolong its usefulness.

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