Orange Golden Ale Brew Kit

Orange Golden Ale Brew Kit

Craft beer has exploded here in the United States.  With craft beer exploding, everybody now thinks they can create the next big brew.  Well here is your chance to dip your toe in the water.

The Orange Golden Ale Brew Kit is for the man that prefers something a little more citrusy.  This brew features a union of Belgian orange peels which will give your brew that citrus flavor.  So if hops aren’t really your thing, this beer kit is for you.

The Orange Golden Ale Brew Kit includes:

  • Glass Carboy
  • Funnel
  • Racking Cane
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Transfer tubing
  • Tubing clamp
  • Airlock
  • Thermometer
  • Guide to Craft Brewing
  • The OG Recipe kit
  • Sanitizer

The Orange Golden Ale Brew Kit is great for those that want to start brewing beer. This is an easy, fun, and cheap way to create a whole gallon of beer! If you happen to be into something a little more hoppy, they have some other beer kits for you as well!  There’s nothing more masculine then drinking your own creation.