While Oakley has become synonymous with high-end sunglasses, this Foothill Ranch, California based company has been in the goggles game since its inception in 1975.  This year Oakley introduced their new Prizm technology and with this new lens technology they are changing the way you carve up mountainsides.

The Oakley Prizm Lenses make you see the slope or course a lot clearer. With the Oakley Prizm Lenses you’ll be able to spot every bump, icy patch, or hole on the slope. Along with these lenses bringing enhanced contrast, they also bring enhanced visibility. The Oakley Prizm Lens are so clear in any type of condition that you’ll never have to worry about changing lenses!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a competitive skier and snowboarder or just an amateur; the Oakley Prizm Lenses could be for you.  The Oakley Prizm Lenses fit most existing Oakley goggle frames.

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