NAO Headlamp

NAO Headlamp

The NAO headlamp is for the outdoors male. Rather he is spelunking in The Caverns of Sonora or staying up in the Blue Ridge Mountains  the man will need something to light his way.

The NAO Headlamp by Petzl is the premium headlamp on the market today due it’s Reactive Lighting Technology and long burn time. The NAO Headlamps Reactive lighting means that the NAO Headlamp light will automatically adjust it’s brightness due to the task at hand. So if you happen to be trudging down a dark path, then take a gander at your portable gps, the NAO Headlamp will adjust to the situation and dimmen itself. The NAO Headlamp also has a Continous mode, where it acts just like a normal headlamp.

The NAO Headlamp contains a rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 hours. The NAO headlamp is extremely durable and can deal with extreme temperatures.

If you do any sort of activities or work in the dark, The NAO Headlamp is an essential gadget. It’s a sturdy, top-of-the-line-product that outdoorsman need, because sometimes those dinky Flashlight Phone Apps just don’t solve your issues.

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