Packing light is key for your outdoors excursions. The tent used to be the heaviest item you had to lug around, but tent manufacturers are wising up and making tents that weigh about as much as your canteen bottle. The MSR Flylite Tent is a solo tent that packs at less than 2lbs and assembles in less then 5 minutes. The MSR Flylite Tent is the perfect tent for all your summer excursions.

For the Flylite Tent, MSR got rid of the original tent pole structure. Instead this tent can be pitched using your trekking poles. One of the issues with light tents is that they usually don’t fair too well in inclement weather, well this spring/summer tent stays sturdy through 50 mph winds.  Also for bad weather the MSR Flylite Tent comes with a large attached awning for extra protection against rain. With the 20-denier ripstop floor fabric the Flylite Tent should last around 10-15 years of average use.

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