For $9.95/month you can go to the movie theater for any movie you want.


Over the past couple years, there have been articles upon articles on how movie theaters are dying. These articles have cast the demise of Cinema on the customary culprits: greedy executives, Millennials, Netflix and other streaming services, the poor atmosphere at movie theaters, etc. And while movie businesses scramble to adapt to changing consumer demands, a new culprit joins the fold, MoviePass.

Mitch Lowe, a Netflix co-Founder, created MoviePass which has been around since 2011. The business model for MoviePass is similar to that of gym memberships. The company hoped to turn a profit from subscribers who paid the monthly fee yet didn’t use MoviePass enough to justify the price tag.

MoviePass offers their members access to one movie a day at over 91% of theaters in the United States for a mere $9.95 a month. Understandebly, this offer may sound too good to be true. But for the time being it is. If AMC Theaters has their way, AMC may find a legal way to block this type of new business model (for now MoviePass does work at most AMC Theaters). But for the time being, you can enjoy one movie everyday for the price of a single movie ticket. There is a drawback though, MoviePass won't let you see movies that are in 3D or IMAX. Also, MoviePass only works for one ticket.

This is how MoviePass works:

  1. Download the app on an Android or iOS.
  2. Wait 5-7 business days for your card to arrive in the mail.
  3. Go to the movie theater where you intend to see the movie.
  4. When you are within 100 yards of the theater, you can check in and essentially tell the app you intend to buy a ticket.
  5. Use your MoviePass card (it's a MasterCard debit card) to buy your ticket at a kiosk.
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