Touted as the perfect carry-on backpack, the Minaal Carry-on lives up to its reputation.

The Minaal Carry-on isn’t your typical travel backpack targeted at post-grads trying to experience the world.  With its minimalist and streamlined design the Minaal Carry-on is the perfect bag for the ordinary traveler or the business-oriented jet-setter.  One review even claimed the Minaal Carry-on as the “Ultimate Backpack for Digital Nomads”.  The backpack can be easily transformed into a duffel bag too for easy stow.  When the Minaal started their Carry-on Kickstarter campaign they set a goal of raising $30,000.  In the end the campaign raised $340,000.  If that doesn’t make you a believer, I don’t know what will.

This bag truly is the perfect carry-on backpack.  No matter where or why you travel, you won’t find a better backpack then the Minaal Carry-on.

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