Microsoft Surface Book is the new ultimate personal computer.  From the 13.5 inch immaculate display to the crazy alien-like hinge, the Surface book redefines the laptop standard.  It is what we all have been waiting for, a high-end computer Microsoft put together in-house.

The new Microsoft Surface Book elegantly fits the all-in-one PC label, providing a high performance computer, tablet, and a drawing pad.  Yes — a drawing pad.  Reconnect the tablet face up and the Surface book enters draw mode.  Microsoft is just flaunting their Nvidia GPU, demostrating the versatility of this device.  The company obviously waited tirelessly for their partners to innovate.  Now, Microsoft is leading the other companies and putting matters into their own hands.  While it may be no pied piper, Microsoft is just heating up the oven. Companies everywhere are either waiting to eat a piece of the pie or make one for themselves.

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