You’re waiting for your friend next to that gnarly kicker. Your camera is locked and loaded, now if only he would finish mentally preparing himself for what will most likely end in a wipeout. What if you didn’t have to wait? What if you and your buddy could both take a run, knowing that someone would be there to film it for you, and not miss out. This is what Lily Camera is all about. Whether you are biking around town or looking to catch some air, you can simply throw the Lily into the air and she will follow you and record your moves. Lily flies herself, and needs no controller. She tracks you based on a simple sensor you can carry around in your pocket. This self-piloting drone is equipped with a 12MP camera for stills, that can capture 1080p HD video at 60fps. She also has a slo-mo option, for 120fps in 720P resolution. Carry her anywhere you go, as she’s portable, light-weight, and water-proof (just in case of an accidental water landing).  You can preorder the Lily Camera now for the early bird price of $499., act now before the full retail pricing of $999 after June 15th. The Lily Camera is expected to ship in January 2016.

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