The Lid by Smartwool

The Lid by Smartwool

I attended University in the southern part of the United States.  Down south the winters were never too brutal, and people freaked out if the thermometer hovered anywhere below 10 °C.  During these chilly months every male on campus could be found sporting the exact same beanie, The Lid by Smartwool.

I caved into peer pressure and purchased The Lid in my second year at university. Instantly, I knew why every male body on campus sported this beanie.

Now it doesn’t matter if during the winter months you enjoy being active, or would rather be sipping hot tea close to a fire. The Lid by Smartwool is for both of you.

The Lid by Smartwool is a lightweight, tight fitting beanie that dries super quick. The Lid is machine washable and the beanie is made of Smartwool’s tested merino wool blend which provides moisture-wicking, quick-drying and temperature-regulating comfort.  If you are looking for a beanie with comfort and style, no other headpiece beats The Lid.

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