Stanford educated Kristine Flaherty (known better as her stage name K. Flay) ditched her major label, RCA Records, in order to create her “own” album. After leaving RCA Records, K. Flay decided to raise the money for her full-length-debut through PledgeMusic. On PledgeMusic K. Flay with help from her fans raised 196 percent of K. Flays intended goal.  Through all the funds raised, K. Flay released “Life As a Dog” which she wrote and produced herself.

Recently, K. Flay caught the ears of Warped Tour guests with her blend of singing/rapping, and introspective, realistic lyrics. Although she has received tons of press from her Warped Tour performances, K. Flay has long been a unique and exciting alternative hip-hop artist. With “Life As a Dog” she won’t be an underground artist anymore.

Some people call her “a more punk version of Lorde”. While not entirely true, you can definitely hear the similarities.

Recommended Songs: Can’t Sleep, Bad Things, Time For You