As a kid, I dreamt of the days I would be able to play basketball like Michael Jordan. Countless hours were spent shooting free throws with the father next door, or pacing the sidewalk – up and down – dribbling the ball under my legs. Imagination would set in as a young fellow, and I always saw myself dunking the ball. Then, after college, reality set in and the dream of playing in the NBA seemed unfathomable, but the childhood visions still are vivid to this day. I continue to play basketball from time to time with friends, coaches, and former teammates. Everyone may say the environment, or the basketball, or simply the mindset are the most essential things to performing well in a pickup basketball game. While the latter may be true, a reliable pair of basketball shoes will increase your body’s longevity to play the game.

John Wall, the star point guard for the Washington Wizards, released a pair of Adidas shoes at the start of the NBA basketball season. For those with an NBA dream or just looking to ball, check these shoes out. Stylish and they enable you to perform.

They come in three different colors.

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