In chilly weather, your base layer is the most important part of your outfit.  It doesn’t matter if the base layer is going to be the only part of your outfit or if you’ll add layers atop it; it all has the same goal, to keep you warm.

It’s flat out extortion for companies to charge you $80 for long underwear! That’s why Helly Hansen created their Dry Fly Pants. Helly Hansen Dry Fly Pants give you the same quality pants as the high-priced products, yet at half the price.

Helly Hansen Dry Fly Pants is for men that do activities in cool weather.  The Helly Hansen Dry Fly Pants wick moisture and dry quickly. This long underwear is antimicrobial too so it won’t stink at the end of the day!  So if you need a pair of long underwear to run in or just use as a base layer, the Helly Hansen Dry Fly Pants are perfect for you.