Grayl Water Purifier

A lightweight filtering water bottle for adventurers. Filter fresh water using a single pump motion.

Grayl Water Purifier

Water is always an essential ingredient to any successful outdoor adventure. Carrying water, however, is always a hassle. A typical excursion requires hauling enough water to ensure hydration and thus survival. If you calculate the daily recommended amount water consumption (roughly 64oz of water) for one day of water. Exerting oneself in the elements will most likely increase the amount of water your body needs to go the distance, which means you could find yourself carrying in excess of 8 pounds of water weight. If you're lucky enough to be traveling near a stream or other source of water, you might be tempted to drink from it, when in most cases you should likely resist the temptation as there are many diseases which can result from drinking from an unfiltered water source.

This is where the Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier comes in handy. Grayl will filter and purify nature's fresh water sources to protect you from pathogens and other elements incompatible with your digestive system. The patented filter technology consists of three components:

  • Electroabsorptive Media - basically a fancy way of saying a magnet, only this magnet excels at removing pathogens and inorganic compounds from your water
  • Activated Carbon - filters chemicals and heavy metals
  • Silver Treated Zeolites - Also called molecular sieves, these natural antimicrobials prevent growth and keep your water tasting fresh

Over the years we've used a variety of different water filters, but we can honestly say this one is the easiest to use. In roughly 15 seconds you can fill your bottle from a fresh water source, and filter/purify your water into drinkability using a single pump action. A single filter is good for 300 uses, and replacement filters are available for a reasonable $24.50.

The Grayl is also extremely light, weighing only 10.9oz, rendering it barely noticed in our packs.

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