GPS and Garmin seem synonymous since the inception of the device.  Garmin’s GPS devices have been used for various activities, hiking, cars, and other forms of transportation.  A GPS for your bike may have been the last thing that came to you mind, but guess what?  Garmin has produced two new GPS devices, the Garmin Edge 20 and the Garmin Edge 25, for just that.  This tiny GPS has been created for the common cycler.  Biking enthusiast like to track essential data for their rides – like distance, time, speed and even heart rate – and that is just what this device can do.  Garmin is known for their ease of use, and not to mention, the display is clear as day.  The GPS Garmin Edge 25 connects to other devices for instant sharing to your family and friends.  All those features, one mini device.

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