Golf is the sport which has been synonymous with ‘getting away from the wife and kids’.  As men we are looking for that escape.  Golf allows us to enjoy the outdoors all while exercising (to a certain extent). If you decide to go out on the course, you have to commit a lot of your day because one round takes close to four hours.   Now there is means of transport that significantly reduces the time of a round and improves the overall experience of the game.

Golf carts are a thing of the past.  Changing the way we careen from one hole to the next, Golfboard adds to the golfing experience.  This small electric board is powered by lithuim-ion battery which is friendly to the environment.  On the each wheel of the Golfboard is special tread to minimize the impact on the turf, allowing you to go on the grass without leaving an imprint.  Golfboard won best new product by PGA mechandise show 2014 and has been praised by other golf magazines.  It is easy to ride, provides more excitement, and allows golfers to ‘Surf the Earth’.  Buy or lease your own for personal use.

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