Dell 27 Inch 4k Monitor

Dell 27 Inch 4k Monitor

My monitor has been in dire need of an update. My primary workhorse machine is my mid-2014 Macbook Pro. On the job, I use a 27″ Apple Cinema Display, while I love this monitor for its simple aesthetic and great color fidelity, it is not currently offered in a 4K or retina variant. This is unfortunate, considering my Macbook has a retina display, and moving my eyes back and forth between the two monitors it is absolutely noticeable. Finally, after scouring the market for a great alternative to the Apple Cinema Display, it came down to a choice between size vs. resolution. Specifically, I had four options left: this LG 34 Inch monitor, a Dell Curved 34 inch, or a 4K offering from either Samsung, Dell, or LG. My final decision to go with the Dell 27 Inch 4K was based on the following metrics.

Price: hoping for something under $600

Visual Appeal: how would this monitor look sitting on my desk?

Specs: will these specs keep me happy for a while

Ergonomics: is it adjustable at the various places I would want/need?

Take a look at the configurability of the display, and the ports in the images below…

portsDisplay Port and HDMI Ports

ergoMonitor adjustable height and tilt

At the end of the day, while I loved the idea of a 34 Inch screen, the weird 3.5K resolution turned me off a bit. I wanted full 4K for the price I was paying! Dell also had an interesting 31.5 inch option with full 4K, but it was a little bit out of my price range.

When it came down to deciding between the 4K options, I watched a number of reviews which talked about color issues, potential light bleeding, and the configurability of the monitor. What I found is that while most people seemed to believe that the Samsung monitor had deeper blacks, and a cooler tone, the Dell made up all of that with an [subjectively] better design and more configurability.

I’ve been using the monitor for a few weeks now, and couldn’t be happier. The size is perfect, and the picture on the monitor is amazing. I will be sure to report back if my opinion changes.

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