Blastmatch Fire Starter

Blastmatch Fire Starter

Every outdoorsy male claims they can start a fire solely with flint. Now you won’t have to embarrass yourself trying; Ultimate Survival Technologies has you covered.

The Blastmatch Fire Starter is the easy way to make a fire.  Designed for all weather use, this tool is perfect for camping, hurricane prep kits, or even survival kits.  The great thing about the Blastmatch Fire Starter is that it is a simple, one-handed tool, that’ll set ablaze the dampest of logs.

So no more scrounging around the woods for “just the right” logs.

The Blastmatch Fire Starter weighs only 2.7 oz., and includes a built-in cap so you won’t have to worry about the flint bar getting worn down. The flint bar in most cases will last a lifetime!

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