Most of us are guilty of leaving our phone chargers plugged into an outlet at all times, even when we are not using them to charge anything. What you may not realize, is even though you are not actually using your charger, it is still consuming electricity. When your device is not in use, it enters a standby mode, unfortunately, most chargers are perpetrating the crime of “leaking electricity“. To solve this issue, Belkin has created a new line of products to combat this drain on your wallet in its new line of products, Conserve. One of Belkin Conserve’s flagship products is the Belkin Conserve Valet, and it is designed to solve a number of problems. The first, and foremost, is preventing excess energy usage, that wastes electricity, and money.

The Valet will automatically detect when your phone has reached full power, and will turn off the charger, disabling the unnecessary draw of power when your devices are in standby mode. Charging is not limited to one device however, it will support up to for of your devices via the four USB ports on the back. Save money, conserve electricity, and help lower your energy footprint.

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