The computer in your car is powerful, and while your mechanic may use the computer to diagnose issues your car may be having, it remains inaccessible to the average car owner. Plugging in Automatic’s link device into your car’s onboard computer can give you access to the wealth of information it holds. Next time you can avoid taking your machine to the shop just to diagnose the check engine light, Automatic will tell you what’s wrong, and you can determine if it really needs to go to the shop. While you’re on your daily commute, the app will be able to tell you information about your gas mileage, your time and distance traveled, as well as when you are breaking or accelerating too fast. If you should happen to get into an accident on your way to work, Automatic’s crash alert will notify local authorities of the incident, and your location.

The hardware link is able to communicate to your phone through Bluetooth, and is dead simple to install. Just plug it in and the app will detect the device in your car.

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