Recently I had been dissatisfied with the quality of sounds coming from my headphone jack on my laptop. My roommate in college was constantly recording music, and perhaps through osmosis I became a [pseudo] audiophile. At first, I started researching new headphones, but I realized mine should be producing sufficient sound quality, especially for my untrained ears. I texted my old roommate and he said that my headphones are not entirely to blame. He mentioned that the sound quality will bottleneck at the digital/audio conversion or the preamp in my laptop. His suggestion was to get one of Audioquest’s digital to analog converters, the Dragonfly.

Since I purchased this little guy, it has single-handedly enhanced my Spotify experience while I work. I simply plugged the USB dongle in, and plugged in my headphones into it, and voila, improved sound. Now my headphones are getting a more accurate representation of the signal, and it was immediately noticeable.

Before upgrading your headphones, you should check out getting yourself one of these. Upgrade your music listening experience.

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