The ubiquity and dependency of smartphones has been unmatched until the present.  The secure feeling of having your smartphone phone powered, in case of emergency, is also unparalleled.  But when the lights go out, the sense of security dwindles until you find the string that tie us to the wall.

If you are like me, running on a solid 10% battery life for several hours is the status quo.  The need for a portable phone charger has grown while I constantly neglect the state of my ‘battery security’.  After considering the myriad options, I stumbled on the best portable phone charger.  This charger has the capacity to charge an iPhone six times and an the most popular Android phones 4 or more times, and it is only the size of your typical deodorant stick.

Just in case you wanted something even smaller, Anker has Astro Mini that can fit in your pocket.

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