Amazon is introducing a new product to their mix.  An always connected, always ready smart speaker for your home.  This simple black cylindrical device is called Amazon Echo.  It plugs into your wall and stays connect to the cloud to provide instant feedback for whatever you decide to throw at it.  Amazon Alexa is the name of the cloud-based voice service in which the Echo device interacts, this allows it to send useful information at any time of day.  Need to know how many days until a certain date?  Just ask it.  Need a rock, paper, scissors partner?  You have a mate.  The features this tiny device provides is astounding.

With the Amazon Alexa connect, the Echo speaker can spew unlimited facts providing you with the most up-to-date information. Music, News, Weather, Audio-books are also within the realm of possibilities, not even including other options.

Amazon Echo is everything you want it to be and so much more.  Broadening the possibilities, Amazon enabled programmable tasks via iFTTT, which gives customization to the Amazon Echo users.  The Microphone array detects voice commands from a distance and can clearly discern these commands with background noise.  Now you can mutlitask with the device while letting the sink rinse your dishes. And the feedback is quick and reliable. The 360 degree speaker emits the sound to reverberate throughout your living space.  See the commercial for yourself:

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