Say goodbye to foggy goggles!

Every skier/snowboarder knows the pain of foggy goggles. The goggles fog up, you take the goggles off mid-run or on the lift, then wipe them down with your glove. Rinse and repeat. Companies have tried everything to prevent this — bigger air vents, hydrophobic anti-fog coatings lenses, and even little electric fans inside the goggle frame. But Abominable has come up with the most efficient and easiest way to remove the dreaded fog.

Abominable’s F-Bom Goggles have an extremely thin transparent metal heater embedded in its lens. The heat conductive film between the lens, keeps the lens warm and fog free. Simply hit the button that activates the film and you are good to go. This works much like the rear defroster in your car. The lens runs for 7 hour in active mode, or up to seven days in the on-demand Boost mode — Boost mode heats the goggles in 10 minutes bursts.

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