The Wolverine company was founded in 1883 by the revolutionary G.A Krause, an ideal contender pursuant of the American dream. He established two other companies in the old town of Rockford, Michigan prior to this personal venture. The two companies later funded production and a new shoe line. Krause believed in opportunity and became one of the nation's first profit sharing plans, and the heritage carries on. In the early 1900's, a special technique was developed by the company to process the horsehide shell and later crafted the genesis of the Wolverine boot. This unique method allowed the tough hide to become flexible and soft. The boot was coined the 1000 mile boot early on due to its dependability and longevity. After 130 years of high-demand, improvements allowed the company to surpass the 1000 milestone exponentially. The timeless style has made this boot the company's iconic American shoe.

Each feature of the Wolverine 1000 Mile boot reveals the meticulous details forged into the lineage of the boot. The Horween leather is the standard for the highest quality leathers around. While lacing the shoes, if you look close you will notice the metal eyelets and waxed leather shoestrings which gives the shoe structural integrity with a material that looks better with age. The more wear, the better it looks. Inside the boot is the cork midsoles which forms to the foot, preventing an unnatural fit and providing a worn comfort after use. The Vibram sole completes the classic look and feel of the shoe.

It is highly advised to get the Wolverine Leather Conditioner with the shoe. This add-on item will deep clean the leather and condition it to naturally resist water.

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