With all of the latest trends in wearables, the big companies usually claim all of the spotlight. It is unfortunate to see some of the best wearables fly under the radar of the average consumer. Withings is one of these companies with great fitness related wearables and accessories. The Pulse O2 is the second generation of Withings Pulse products. This generation includes the standard distance, steps, and elevation tracking. Where the Pulse O2 really ups the ante is with its instant heart rate and blood oxygen readings. The back of the device reveals an optoelectrics sensor to measure these metrics which most of the competition ignores. If you’re serious about fitness, we highly recommend you check out this device. The Pulse O2 is a small device which you can wear strapped to your wrist, or clip it to your pocket, it’s small enough that you will hardly notice it. This also makes it great for sleeping with, as the Pulse O2 monitors your sleep cycles and any interruptions you may have throughout the night.

And of course, it also has a great companion app, Health Mate.

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