Wicked Good, Flannel Shirt

Wicked Good, Flannel Shirt

As autumn hits the east coast of the United States, many men and young boys will fold away their thinner, light colored button downs, and hang up their warmer flannel shirts. That is right, flannel season is upon us!

L.L. Bean has created the perfect flannel shirt so you won’t have to sacrifice style for warmth.

The Wicked Good, Flannel Shirt is made with a revolutionary flannel exclusive to L.L. Bean and won’t shrink when put into the washing machine.  Many flannel fabrics pil and fade after being washed over and over, The Wicked Good, Flannel Shirt with its L.L. Bean exclusive flannel, prevents this from happening, so it’ll look brand new every day.

The Wicked Good, Flannel Shirt is dressy casual, which means this flannel can be worn on an evening out with friends or on Casual Friday in the office.  L.L. Bean has been making quality products since 1912, and The Wicked Good, Flannel Shirt is a great addition to their catalog. There is a reason why this shirt has over 130 reviews and still has 4 ½ stars.

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