If you love writing by hand, but want a way to digitize your notes the Whitelines Notebook is for you.  The Whitelines Notebook isn’t a digital notebook. It is a normal paper notebook that can simply be digitized.

Some artists and writers find the dark lines of ordinary graph paper distracting. In the Whitelines Notebook, the paper is light grey with white grid lines.  With Whitelines your work will stick out a lot more!

Now that you have your drawing or writing jotted down in the notebook; it is time to share or digitally save it.  With the Whitelines Link phone app you can do this easily. When you use the Whitelines Link to take a photo of your drawings the application automatically senses, de-skews, and cleans up the page scans. This little automation is especially helpful if you are in a rush, the phone application always centers and cleans up your photo.

Whitelines Notebook and Whitelines Link is the easiest, cheapest, simplest way to digitize whatever you put down on paper.