Western Rise Elkton Stretch Wool Flannel

Western Rise has created the performance-focused flannel. The Elkton Stretch Wool Flannel is a flannel meant for those cold day outdoor activities.

Western Rise Elkton Stretch Wool Flannel

Personally, finding a fitting flannel is difficult. With clothing companies producing skinny jeans, slim fit shirts, as well as expanding into athletic lines, you’d think the fall/winter outerwear catalog would be getting similar treatment. A perfect flannel would be heavy yet slimming, stylish, and warm. Western Rise did just that. Western Rise created a flannel for the outdoor man, who wants a flannel made for fall/winter outdoor activities as well as for the local drinking hole, or even the office. It’s the performance-focused flannel.

Western Rise was started by a married couple, Will and Kelly Watters. The Watters’ intention was to create a brand focused on multifaceted products they could wear on the ski slopes, down into town, and out on the river. All of Western Rise’s catalog embraces this multifaceted vision, and their catalog includes everything from their popular AT Slim Rivet Pant to their trademarked AirLight Western Shirt.

The Elkton Stretch Wool Flannel is the newest addition to Western Rise’s catalog and is already 460% funded. The Elkton is as cozy as the other flannels you may find in your closet. Yet the Elkton Flannel incorporates Coolmax and elasterell polyester into the wool material. This makes the Elkton Flannel a stretchy, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, odor-eating flannel. So Western Rise has made performance wear out of this conventional fabric. Not just changing the way we view flannel, the Elkhorn Stretch Wool Flannel also has unbreakable rubber buttons and a hint of reflective stitching under the collar.

If you preorder the Elkton Stretch Wool Flannel now, you get 10% off. Western Rise as a company donates 1% of its sales to Western Rivers Conservancy and other grassroots environmental and social groups.

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