Weekend Wishlist

Weekend Wishlist

It is the weekend.  The time where the worries sift away and you spend time entertaining yourself.  On our weekend wishlist is a jacket for the cold weather, a cold beer, and some other items we thought we would share. Take a gander, and see what you want to add to your wishlist.


Fall is upon us and winter is breathing down our necks.  For some warmth – Northface Summit L2 Jacket.

And while you are at it, check out the revamping of North face’s Summit Series collection.


Even in the cold months, some continue to explore.  Suunto is making a great product again with their Suunto Kalish.  Our favorite is the all black option.  Those that have contracted wanderlust, this is the watch for you.


Some of us may not cook that often, some of us cook everyday.  If you even cook at all, Cantilever Flatware is there for those that loathe cleaning up.


Nowadays, it seems everyone is constantly on the move.  A simple way to connect your phone, tablet, and computer is Sandisk’s new Connect Wireless Stick.

phoneAre we reverting back to the old ways?  I guess the future holds that answer.  But if you are a more simple person, smartphones aren’t always the option.  Be more productive, and don’t let the smartphone distract you.  Punkt is out with a minimalist phone for the person trying to maximize productivity.  The MP01 phone is to stop you from getting distracted.


Cheers!  The weekend is here for you to relax and have a beer.  Try out this imperial stout from the good ol’ Cali coast.  The Firestone Brewing Company has your back.