The ramifications of industrializing around the world have become more apparent in our everyday life.  As countries continue to develop and the world population grows, we generate more pollution.  This affects the air we breath.  The World Health Organization (WHO) found that 7 million deaths are linked to air pollution every year.  Our olfactories are unable to detect the declining air quality since we have become desensitized to this invisible gaseous substance.  Poor air quality seems to be a worldwide issue, but there are ways to elude the inadequate air.

Testing air quality around you is now simple.  TZOA has made it easy for you to monitor the air you breath throughout the day.  With the wearable Air Quality Tracker, you are able to gather the data you need to make an informed decision.  This sophisticated wearable device connects to your smartphone to measure air quality, temperature, humidity, UV exposure, ambient light, and atmospheric pressure. TZOA has an indiegogo where you can find the story behind this device.

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