In the United States there sure is a lot of folklore about moonshine. It’s supposed to be the most potent of spirits, an elixir so grand that one sip can elicit schizophrenic illusions.  Or maybe it the dangers of stirring up your own moonshine which make this potion seem so otherworldly.

In reality moonshine is distilled alcohol. Moonshine though is customarily around Ethanol 190 proof.  So yes, moonshine will put some hair on your chest.

Sugarlands Shine is moonshine produced by Sugarlands Distilling Company in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Sugarlands Shine is moonshine for everyone. Different shines are stronger than others.  You can up to seven flavors of moonshine including, Old Fashioned Lemonade, Butterscotch Gold, and Southern Sweet Tea.

So if you want to try moonshine yet don’t have the balls to create it yourself, check out Sugarlands Shine. You won’t regret it.