Spire Wearable Tracker

Spire Wearable Tracker

We find ourselves in the midst of a wearable craze. Hardware startups left and right are trying to come up with the next wearable or fitness tracker to be adopted by the masses. While Fitbit has had some success in the wearable realm, I’ve found that after a few weeks, I stop wearing it. For the most part, these wearables are nice devices, but they are purely informational. Once I gathered a few full days worth of information, the capabilities did not really offer anything. I know I sit at a desk all day, but telling me that I sat at a desk all day did not really change my lifestyle.

This is where Spire comes in.

The Spire is a great little clip that fits nicely on your belt (or on your bra). It’s beautifully simple, and its minimal no-button design earned it a National Hewitt Design Award in 2014. This wearable is not as passive as most of the others on the market. By monitoring your breathing patterns, the app is able to provide actionable notifications through your Apple Watch or iPhone. When you’re tense, Spire knows, and it will recommend a meditation and breathing exercise, to help you reach a calm mental state. If you’ve been sedentary all day, Spire knows, and can notify you to take more steps or burn some additional calories.

The Spire is like your personal mindfulness coach. There tagline is aptly thus: Know Your Mind.

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