Somabar: the Robotic Bartender

Somabar:  the Robotic Bartender

On occasion my wife and I like to have friends over to share a meal and potentially a few drinks as well. Usually, this ends up with some of us thirsting for a good old fashioned in the winter, or something like a gin fizz in the warmer months. If I’ve already had a few drinks, it can take me a little longer than it should to prepare a few cocktails. First, I have to find the shaker, and all of the ingredients in the fridge or pantry, then I have to actually make the drinks, which is followed by a bit of cleanup. If only I could afford my own personal bartender to make me drinks all the time. That’s where Somabar comes in to save the day. This robotic bartender will leave you sitting with your guests while you have Somabar make a drink for you, all with a couple of clicks from the companion app. Each Somabar comes with six Soma Pods to fill up with your favorite cocktail mixer or liquor. Once filled, you simply pop them into the machine, and your bartender is awaiting your drink order. Somabar has a proprietary friction seal mechanism to prevent your pods from leaking, and to ensure you want have trouble swapping out ingredients.

Order your Somabar for your own personal bartender that you never have to tip!

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