Normally, men are reluctant to wear any sort of jewelry on their body.  Rings are not a common accessory found on our hands.  But when we pop the questions, we are expected to wear the symbolic ring.  After a long search, you may have thought to consider all the options. Most men lean toward the traditional metal band in a different shade of gold or silver.  Now there is an alternative, eco-conscious wood rings made in a variety of styles.

The possibilities you choose from are endless.  The options include: gem inlays, plain, and other unique choices. Simply wood rings are design by artists passionate about their work, while maintaining the focus of manufacturing their products in an ethical manner.  If durability is in question, the owner – who has spent his life woodworking –  uses only one piece of wood and the band is manipulated in such a way to not compromise the integrity.

Simply wood rings also provides refinishing.

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