For a while I used a combination of Degree and Old Spice deoderants. While these has some great smells, after weeks of wearing these, they would seemingly eat away at the skin of my underarms. My underarms would peel and my wife recommended I try a natural deoderant with no alcohol, as she believed the alcohol could be the cause of my problems. Next time I went to the grocery store, I picked up some Tom’s of Maine natural deoderant. While this fared well enough for a while, it requires multiple applications throughout the day to keep me smelling fresh. And if I worked up a sweat exercising, it hardly had any effect on masking my bodily odors. Not to mention, most of the scents were not very masculine at all.

Somehow, I finally stumbled upon Sam’s Natural Deoderant, and decided to give it a shot. Sam’s come in a variety of masculine scents, including Cedar, Tobacco, Chestnut, and Aloe, amongst a few others. The smells are fantastic, and while I’ve only sampled the few mentioned above, I plan on trying the rest of the collection soon. Thus far, my experience has been much better than I expected with another natural deoderant. The scents are refreshing, and just strong enough to mask my body odor, without being overpowering. Not to mention most of the scents are 100% natural (a few others are 99%+). For anyone looking to get rid of their dry, itchy armpits, here at Modal Man, we recommend Sam’s.

Right now they are offering a deal for 2 sticks for $16. Might as well sample a couple different scents.

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