Rabbit, Run is the first book in the Rabbit Angstrom Tetralogy written by John Updike.  Stuck in a bad marriage, working a shitty job, trying to find his purpose in life, Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom is in a position sadly some men can relate to.  Only instead of sucking it up and persevering through his misery, Angstrom runs from everything.  Rabbit leaves his city, his family, his pregnant wife, and his job behind searching greener pastures.  Our man child of a “hero” though doesn’t end up in some remote town off the coast of Italy frolicking with a European beauties.  He ends up about 20 miles away from his home, shacked up with a prostitute.

Rabbit, Run is a beautiful, realist, portrait of a man seeking something else in life.  I highly recommend Rabbit, Run and the Tetralogy.  It chronicles one man’s search for his view of salvation and the hardships with which it comes.