Orbitkey revolutionizes the way you carry your keys. This is not hyperbole, this is a fact.

Whenever I go to the gym two things are in my pockets, my keys and my iPod.  With my keys on the standard key ring, when I lift or run my keys make an obnoxious amount of noise and sometimes even stab me in the leg.  Having your keys rattle and stab you is bothersome and may take you out of your work out “zone”.

Orbitkey changes all this, and is a great improvement upon the key ring.

With Orbitkey you slide all your keys into a nice little leather pocket. Similar to a small wallet!  Once you put your keys in the Orbitkey it slides and clicks for safe keeping within the small wallet-like contraption.  This way you not only avoid jangly keys, but you also avoid keys from scratching up your phone.

The key ring is old news. Orbitkey is the new way to hold your keys. This product also comes in a multitude of materials and colors.

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