The empty window sill.  Dust collects on the blank canvas as each passing moment it begs to be decorated. A missed opportunity at sprucing up the place.  A simple nudge from your mother in desperate attempt to liven up your new place may have done no good, but hopefully we can convince you otherwise.  

The solution to this sad sill is a plant.  It serves several functions for the house. Stagnant air circulates your home with nothing to combat the floating toxins which accumulate.  Cleaning and personal care products typically only exacerbate the problem.  Plants act as a natural way to clean the air in your home.  The sad sill your mother was talking about is no longer a missed opportunity. Take advantage of the long list of positive outcomes. Research shows there are many benefits to adding plants to your living quarters, such as:

  1. As noted, it provides a natural way to clean the air
  2. Boosts mood
  3. Enhances creativity
  4. Improves focus and memory
  5. It lowers the risk for illnesses
  6. No more nagging mother

The list goes on. It would be good to note that some plants purify the air better than others.  For instance, Aloe Vera provides the host of benefits mentioned with a natural alternative to sooth burns or cuts.  Sounds like a "Win, Win, Win" scenario if you as me. The snake plant, or mother-in laws tongue, was researched in The Nasa Clean Air Study which found the plant to remove 4 out of 5  main toxins involved in sick building syndrome.  And the reason it is called mother-in laws tongue: it is tough to get rid of it.  Personally, I've had two of these plants thrive even though I neglect it on a monthly basis.  

Hopefully now that we have piqued your interest, lets jump in to the easiest way to buy.  Navigating stores for the right potted plant for your home can be difficult. Plants come in all sizes and aren't always best suited for those without a green thumb. But the perfect, health-conscious solution is even easier than before and requires little effort on your end.

The Sill is a online plant delivery service which categorizes plants based on level of maintenance, size, pet friendliness, and easy for beginners.  The solution is as simple as snagging a potted plant online based on your level of experience. The site is much easier to navigate than the store and you don't even have to get up for it.  So no excuses.  Stop your still from begging.

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